Our origin guarantees the quality of the Protected Designation of Origin rice: Delta

D.O.P. Delta

Over generations rice has been our work, our day to day life, our passion and we have been proud of it. And we cannot think of a better place than the Delta del Ebro to carry out our mission to grow rice and to carry on with our life. Did you know that the Delta de Ebro is the third most important delta of the Mediterranean, after the deltas of the Nile and the Rhône river? The Delta del Ebro occupies over 32,000 hectares, the greatest part dedicated to rice growing.

The Delta

Considered as the second most important humid zone of Europe, the Delta is a unique space for growing, bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean and the running water of the River Ebro, set against the mountain ranges of Montsià and Godall.


This geographic diversity has meant, in addition, that there is fauna the bio-rhythm of which is marked by the rice harvest and the wealth of the social and cultural life of the area’s people, in the customs, and in the rice of Montsià.

delta del ebro

Designation of Origin “Delta de l’Ebre”

The unique combination of climate, sediments, salinity, and the passing of time of the Delta del Ebro, has brought forth the necessary conditions to produce the best grain of rice, and for this reason our rice is sown, grown and collected exclusively from the fertile fields of the Delta del Ebro, and of course it is guaranteed by the Protected Designation of Origin “Delta del Ebro”.

The main characteristic of these rices is that they are of the EXTRA category. There are no mixtures of varieties, all of their grains are homogeneous and are flawless, a faithful reflection of the label and logotype of the community, together with the Designation of Origin itself.

To obtain its quality grade the rice undergoes exhaustive control processes based on the physiochemical and organoleptic analysis, and only those rices that pass these standards are packed and sold on the market under the qualification of Protected Designated Origin rice from the Delta del Ebro, with its label, and the second stamp or distinctive mark of quality awarded by the Regulatory Board.

The rices prepared by the Rice Growers Chamber of Montsià, as they come from the Delta area and are cultivated in a nature reserve, are characterised by their white pearl colour, their flavour, their texture, and of course how they respond when cooked in terms of the grain’s looseness and absorption of water which means its absorption of flavours in the various dishes and recipes prepared with the rices.

And, for the Rice Growers Chamber of Montsià the most important approval of Montsià Rice is the appreciation of the consumers themselves.

denominacion arroz montsia

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