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27 of july of 2020

Montsià Rice launches sustainable packaging

La Càmara Arrossera del Montsià has decided to take measures to reduce its environmental impact in the coming years, eliminating plastic containers of the Extra and Bomba variety from its flagship brand: Montsià Rice.

La Càmara has been working on the new sustainable and recyclable packaging of Montsià Rice in order to respect the environment and reduce the environmental footprint.

In this way, Montsià Rice leaves plastic aside and opts for a new sustainable packaging made with PEFC paper (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), the forest certification system that guarantees consumers that they are buying products from sustainably managed forests.

Thus, buyers can help combat illegal logging and promote the main functions that forest resources play, such as:

•Contribute to the maintenance of numerous ecosystems and biological diversity.
•To be the economic support of many rural populations and the origin of a very important transformation industry.
•Collaborate in the conservation, sustainable use and improvement of our forests

Taking measures to minimize the environmental impact is essential. La Càmara seeks to further strengthen its commitment to the conservation of the planet with the new sustainable rice packaging Montsià.
Montsià Rice launches sustainable packaging

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