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27 of may of 2022

New operating group on sustainable fertilization and the use of satellite images

The Cámara Arrocera del Montsià and the Sección de Crédito, S.C.C.L. form an operational group to study sustainable fertilization and the use of satellite images.

The Rice FertiSAT Project aims to treat the differential vegetation index extracted from bands of Sentinel 2 satellite images and relate it to the nitrogen needs of the main varieties of rice cultivation in Catalonia, in search of an efficient use of nitrogenous fertilizers.

This week, the DACC published the resolution detailing the projects approved in the 2021 call for aid to carry out innovative pilot projects in terms of agricultural productivity and sustainability promoted by the European Association for Innovation (AEI) and where, at the request of the rice cooperatives, irrigation communities of the Ebro delta and ADVs of rice cultivation in Catalonia, PRODELTA presented the Rice FertiSAT project.

The objective of this pilot project is to relate, through the treatment of bands in images from the European satellite Sentinel 2, the appropriate spectrometry index for rice cultivation plots and their nitrogen needs, seeking a more efficient and rational use of nitrogenous fertilizers while optimal yields are achieved in the production of rice in Catalonia.

With this relationship, a suitable and simple methodology could be established to improve fertilization plans, increasing the efficiency in the use of nitrogenous fertilizers and reducing the possibility that nitrates are released into the environment outside the crop.

According to Mr. Marcel Matamoros, president of PRODELTA, this project would be the last step to take advantage of technological advances in remote sensing and this technology would be adjusted to the specifications of rice cultivation in Catalonia and the varieties that we use here. He also adds that it could be a tool that improves the quality in the preparation of fertilization plans as well as decision-making in a more objective way.

To carry out this pilot project, an Operational Group has been created made up of Rice Growers from the Ebro Delta, the Montsià Rice Chamber, the General Community of Irrigators of the Right Ebro Canal and the Irrigation Community - Ebro Agricultural Union, which are which will carry out the project with the direction and coordination of PRODELTA and the participation of the Ebro Delta Rice Plant Defense Group and the Pals rice ADV.

In addition, the Administration will also participate in the follow-up commission of the Section of Agriculture and Plant Health of the Ebro Lands and the DACC Office of fertilization and treatment of livestock manure, while IRTA will be the contracted research center.

The project is part of the line of aid co-financed with the FEADER fund for cooperation for Innovation in agricultural productivity and sustainability of the European Association for Innovation (AEI) and is part of operation 16.01.01 of the PDR of Catalonia 2014 -2020.

New operating group on sustainable fertilization and the use of satellite images

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